Getting started with Jackdaw Swap is fast, anonymous, and easy!

Get started in just four simple steps:

1. Download the Electrum Ravencoin Wallet.

2. Watch this short tutorial video.

3. Create your Signed Partial transaction in the "Atomic Swap" tab of the Electrum Ravencoin wallet. It's quick & easy!

4. Post your Signed Partial transaction to the Jackdaw Swap Boards, no account or personal information required!

That's it! Simply wait for another user to redeem your swap!

Start Swappin'!

The Jackdaw Swap Boards offer an avenue for Jackdaw & Ravencoin holders to anonymously trade Jackdaw in a completely trustless and decentralized way, peer to peer. Using only the Jackdaw Swap Boards and a Electrum Ravencoin Wallet, users can connect and directly trade Jackdaw without any centralized third party between them.