Jackdaw Cryptocurrency ($JDAW)

Digital Scarcity built on Ravencoin

With only 50 coins in existence, Jackdaw stores value by leveraging simplicity, scarcity, security and decentralization on the Ravencoin blockchain.

Jackdaw FAQ

Is Jackdaw an NFT?

Jackdaw was created as a stand-alone cryptocurrency on the Ravencoin blockchain. Jackdaw by definition is not an NFT. Each of the 50 Jackdaw "coins" or "tokens" are worth the same as any other. Check out the Jackdaw Whitepaper to learn more.

What gives Jackdaw value?

Jackdaw is an experiment in digital scarcity (source: Internet Policy Review), a well researched subject currently being explored by many in the cryptocurrency space.

Jackdaw is limited to 50 tokens that were distributed to over 20,000 Ravencoin addresses, making it extremely limited and yet, widely distributed. It's likely that most holders will only ever own a fraction of a Jackdaw. Check out the Jackdaw Whitepaper for a more detailed rundown 

With Jackdaw, we elected for technology that allowed for a Layer 1 token backed by a Proof of Work UTXO model blockchain. This model makes Jackdaw completely auditable and immutable. We believe Ravencoin Asset technology adds security and value to Jackdaw's "decentralized scarcity" model. Real world energy is spent to issue, secure, and transact Jackdaw, within a completely auditable framework, on the Ravencoin blockchain. 

With all of these factors combined, we believe Jackdaw has the potential to become a store of value by its own merit. Learn more about some of the benefits that lead us to choose Ravencoin in this article.

How can I participate in Jackdaw Distribution?

Jackdaws official distribution phase ended 12/31/2023. All Jackdaw have been distributed from the original address.

You may still be able to get free Jackdaw via contests and giveaways from communities in the Ravencoin ecosystem, or you can visit the Jackdaw Faucet and claim some while supplies last.

That being said, there are several venues where you can currently trade Jackdaw ($JDAW) for Ravencoin ($RVN) and Ravencoin Assets. See the "Where can I trade Jackdaw?" section for more info.

Where can I trade my Jackdaw?

Currently there are a few great ways to trade your Jackdaw ($JDAW). Jackdaw has both peer to peer and web-based trading options.

Atomic Swaps with Electrum:

An easy-to-use, decentralized, peer to peer trading solution right from your Electrum wallet. Check out the link on the Jackdaw Tools page or Jackdaw Swap page to download Electrum Ravencoin and get started.

Jackdaw Atomic Swap Demo Video

NFT-style listings with RocketRaven:

Users who are more accustomed to NFT-style listings will feel right at home with the listing & purchasing experience on RocketRaven.net. Users can buy, sell, or auction Jackdaw using the RocketRaven platform.

RocketRaven Jackdaw Listing Demo Video

Please Note: Users should always verify Jackdaw compatibility with other Ravencoin NFT platforms before trading fractions of Jackdaw. Not all Ravencoin NFT marketplaces support trading in token fractions.


Jackdaw Tokenomics Ravencoin

Token Issuance

Genesis TX: a51edb38d7d43dba97b2230989869baf1574fb96cc3c3bc788896673c9a69127

Jackdaw ($JDAW) was created on the Ravencoin ($RVN) blockchain October 16, 2023. All Jackdaw were distributed completely free to over 20000 Ravencoin addresses via a mixed distribution scheme. There was no ICO, founders reward, or fund set aside. Jackdaw was created as a Non-Reissuable Ravencoin Main Asset with no issuer. Due to Jackdaw's design and choice of technology, attack vectors are extremely limited. Learn more about why we chose Ravencoin over Ethereum for the Jackdaw Project in this article.

Jackdaw Ravencoin Asset Token

Token Details

IPFS: QmPKwBPTNdD78vvm3kBBEh633CWCaaaa9qMrarBDMgQMv6

Jackdaw ($JDAW) is a Ravencoin Main Asset Token secured by the Ravencoin Proof-of-Work blockchain with no central authority. While Jackdaw tokens are divisible, no greater than 50 can ever exist, making them extremely limited. All work on the Jackdaw Project has been completed entirely by individual volunteers. The Jackdaw token is 100% community owned and governed. Jackdaw carries all of the technical advantages of a Ravencoin Main Asset token.  Learn more about Ravencoin Asset technicals here. 

Jackdaw Governance Ravencoin Asset


Jackdaw ($JDAW) is completely community owned and has no centralized governance structure. The admin asset for Jackdaw was burned on 12/31/2023 to further commit to a fully leaderless and decentralized token. Jackdaw has no lead developers, no marketing team, and no centralized authority to exercise control or influence over the Jackdaw Project. The Jackdaw Project is made up entirely of individual volunteers. Jackdaw has been designed in a way in which these factors will never change. Join the growing community on social to get involved and learn more.

Distribution Phase

Jackdaw ($JDAW) was distributed, completely free, to the Ravencoin ($RVN) community with no promise of future value in late 2023. Jackdaw only has a max supply of 50 tokens, yet it was dispersed to over 20,000 Ravencoin addresses during its distribution phase. This makes Jackdaw one of the most limited, but widely distributed tokens on the blockchain.

Project Goals

All Jackdaw were distributed completely free with a value of zero. With that said, the goal of the Jackdaw token experiment is to see if Jackdaw can grow to become the highest value token on the Ravencoin ($RVN) blockchain. Due to how scarce, permissionless, secure and widley distributed Jackdaw is, we believe this to be possible.