Ownership Asset Burn Ceremony

In a commitment to complete decentralization, the Ownership Asset "JACKDAW!" was burned on the Ravencoin blockchain on 12/31/2023. Burning this asset has further ensured there will never be any central authority to oversee the Jackdaw token.

Through the burning of the Ownership Asset, Jackdaw became a "headless" Ravencoin token as described in the Jackdaw Whitepaper. Jackdaw is able to prove the absence of a central issuer without the need to trust any party. Jackdaw has no leaders, be they developers, miners, or other would-be influencers. 

Jackdaw had eliminated the ongoing presence of an "Issuer." Jackdaw has no issuing authority or centralized team, this is visible and provable with the Ravencoin blockchain. 

Users are free to confidently transact, hold, and build with Jackdaw knowing there will never be any form of centralized oversight.

Ownership Asset Burn Transaction ID: 2ccede3de69f7c96f19900db301330ca3a499fa6b6bd75694b197da8791122e3

Additionally, The Qualifier Asset "#JACKDAW"  was burned on 01/05/2024. 

Qualifier Asset Burn Transaction ID: cf1f0c2ac5bb6d28bdbe586a5842d56619c640929e01a2120c9132876db47194

These burns also ensured the "JACKDAW" Main Asset is the only token with the Jackdaw namesake circulating on the Ravencoin blockchain.

The Jackdaw Ownership Asset Burn Ceremony was recorded live and uploaded to YouTube.